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New schedule set for Kenyatta war crimes trial

afrol News - Despite massive pressure to stop the prosecution of Kenya's recently elected President, Uhuru Kenyatta, the International Criminal Court (ICC) today set a new date for the trial against the state leader. Mr Kenyatta is accused of crimes against humanity.

UN will not monitor human rights in Western Sahara

afrol News - The US has backed down on its demand that UN peacekeepers in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara also shall monitor the human rights situation after Moroccan sources threatened to scale down relations with Washington.
Libya | World
Malta airport "not open for Libya strikes"

afrol News - Malta, Libya's closest European neighbour, denies its airport will be open for "any military strike against Libya" by the coalition preparing to implement the no-fly zone.
Libya | World
Ten nations ready to attack Ghaddafi regime

afrol News - A "coalition of the willing" is rapidly forming to strike back at any military advances of the Ghaddafi regime against the rebels and Libyan civilians. Ten nations already are ready to attack.
World | Libya
Benghazi celebrates UN resolution

afrol News - Spontaneous celebrations broke out in Benghazi as the UN Security Council authorised "all necessary measures" to protect civilians in Libya, including the use of military force.
World | Libya
France: We can start bombing Libya tonight

afrol News - The French Defence Minister has confirmed that military action against the Ghaddafi regime can start only hours after the UN Security Council approves of it.
World | Libya
Foreign intervention in Libya more probable

afrol News - As the situation in Libya, especially Tripoli, is nearing a humanitarian disaster, a foreign intervention is becoming more probable. The reasons for a legitimate intervention have already been defined.
Africa | World
"Bullying China a threat to Africa"

afrol News editorial - China's culture of bullying in foreign relations, as viewed in actions against Asian neighbours, against nations having relations with Taiwan and against the host of the Nobel Committee, spells trouble for Africa, which gets steadily more dependent on Chinese funds.
Africa | World
Africa silent on Liu Xiaobo

afrol News - No prominent African politician has made statements of support or congratulation to Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo, who yesterday was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Press reports are sober.
Niger | World
Aid back to basics: Cash handouts in Niger

afrol News - Despite countless emergency aid efforts and models, Niger's drought and flood victims still go hungry. Now, several aid agencies will go back to basics, providing families with cash handouts.
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Researchers seek climate change-proof food crops

afrol News - As the climate change already is affecting agricultural output in large parts of Africa, there is now a need to develop new food crops that can adapt to the new conditions. Research funds are slowly being released.
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Congo's Staff Benda Bilili on big tour

afrol News - The heart-warming Kinshasa street musicians group Staff Benda Bilili is starting a breath taking summer tour, visiting 56 stages and festivals in Europe, Japan and Canada.
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Trafficked Bangladeshis return home from Liberia

afrol News - From South Asia's poorhouse Bangladesh, 39 workers in November were tricked to pay large sums to travel to West African poorhouse Liberia, where they were promised well paid jobs. Finally, they are home in Dhaka.
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World Bank funding targets Africa’s malaria fight

afrol News - African states still not covered with malaria treated nets will be given priority in the new funding committed and aimed at meeting the 2010 target of eradicating the killer disease.
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EU countries urged to keep African aid promises

afrol News - The European Union (EU)'s development commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, has called on member states to keep to the promise of fighting hunger and poverty in the world and in ensuring that the region remains the leader in helping Africa towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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Africa | World
Eastern Europe starts repaying Africa

afrol News - The fall of the Iron Curtain cost Africa much in terms of reduced investments and development aid, which in the 1990s was redirected to Eastern Europe. But now, following EU demands and increased wealth, country after country in the region is setting up development cooperation agencies focusing on Africa, with booming budgets.

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