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South Sudan

Famine warning: "South Sudan is imploding"

afrol News - The UN's humanitarian agencies now warn about a devastating famine in Sudan and especially in South Sudan, where the situation is said to be "imploding". Relief officials are appealing to donors to urgently fund life-saving activities in the two countries.
Ethiopia tightens its already strict anti-gay laws

afrol News - It is already a crime being homosexual in Ethiopia, but parliament is now making sure the anti-gay laws will be applied in practical life. No pardoning of gays will be allowed in future, but activist fear this only is a signal of further repression being prepared.
Ethiopia plans Africa's biggest dam

afrol News / Africa Renewal - Ethiopia's ambitious plan to build a US$ 4.2 billion dam in the Benishangul-Gumuz region, 40 km from its border with Sudan, is expected to provide 6,000 megawatts of electricity, enough for its population plus some excess it can sell to neighbouring countries.
Mass protests shake Djibouti

afrol News - Police forces in Djibouti have arrested up to 300 protesters as mass demonstrations against last week's allegedly rigged polls shook the capital yesterday and today. Most opposition leaders were also arrested in police raids.
Djibouti vote rigging may cause new mass protests

afrol News - The political opposition in Djibouti is furious and mobilising for mass protests against alleged rigging of Friday's elections. It hopes to succeed repeating the mass mobilisation of February 2011, when the Arab spring came to Djibouti.
Eritrean opposition pleads intl intervention

afrol News - Voices among the exiled opposition of Eritrea increasingly call for a Libya-style foreign intervention in the country, saying the situation is even worse in Eritrea.
Ethiopia crackdown on opposition to prevent protests

afrol News - The Ethiopian opposition reports that over 250 of its central members have been arrested during the week. The arrests are seen in connection with a planned mass protest.
Ethiopia's Ogaden rebels issue famine alert

afrol News - Rebel groups in Ogaden fighting the Ethiopian government warn of a "severe drought" in the region, which could develop into famine. They claim government is withholding aid.
Somaliland discusses need for more than 3 parties

afrol News - Non-recognised Somaliland, one of Africa's leading democracies, by constitution only has three political parties. President Ahmed Silanyo wants to discuss if more are needed.
Djibouti opposition boycotts election

afrol News - As the deadline to register candidates for Djibouti's 8 April presidential election has passed, no opposition candidates have registered. The boycott comes as further anti-government protests are planned.
Djibouti protests stopped by police

afrol News - Djibiboutians wanting to attend an announced mass protest against government today were pulled back by large numbers of police troops in central Djibouti City.
Calm Eritrea avoids talks of rebellion

afrol News - Eritrea, the most closed dictatorship in Africa, has censored all news about the popular unrest in North Africa and neighbouring Djibouti. Only the exiled opposition talks about revolution.
Mass arrests stopped further Djibouti protests

afrol News - The planned resumption of mass protests in Djibouti this weekend was hindered by massive police presence in the capital and arrests of about 300 opposition and civil society leaders.
Djibouti opposition leaders freed

afrol News - Djibouti's government today has confirmed that it has freed the country's three main opposition leaders, arrested following this weekend's massive protests. Meanwhile, the army warns against new protests.
Djibouti protesters keep up the pressure

afrol News - Protesters in Djibouti keep taking to the streets today, after a mass protest on Friday gathered more people than expected. At least two have been killed in clashes so far and the opposition leader is arrested.

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Feature articles, Horn of Africa

Eritrea "celebrates" 20 years of terror

afrol News - In May 2013, 20 years have passed since Eritreans euphorically celebrated their long-fought independence from Ethiopia. The Asmara government reports of large anniversary celebrations all over the country, bur in reality, most Eritreans would prefer to escape Africa's most brutal dictatorship.

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Somalia | Egypt
A tale of two Shabab movements: Egypt and Somalia

afrol News - As I watched the youth-driven upheavals that have awoken the comatose Arab people into action to reclaim their dignity, I could not help but compare the situation of the Facebook empowered youth that spearheaded Egypt's revolution with the Al Qaeda inspired Somali youth Al Shabab.

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Your secret African travel destinations:
Somaliland surprises

afrol News - Somaliland, with marvellous beaches, breathtaking diving opportunities, scenic mountains and rich culture, is the definitive frontier of tourism. Not because it is unsafe, but because there is absolutely no tourism infrastructure and you'll feel like you are the first visitor.

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Soul mates: The price of being gay in Somalia

afrol News - Afdhere Jama talks to a Somali gay couple that has staid together since their childhood in Mogadishu in the 1980s. Abdulle and Sakariye escaped the marriages arranged by their parents and sought freedom in the "liberal" town of Shalaamboot. But "freedom" came at a higher price than the young couple expected.

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