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afrol News is an independent media headquartered in Norway and run according to Norwegian law and Norwegian press ethics

Responsible editor (English, French editions):
Rainer Chr Hennig

Responsible editor (Spanish, Portuguese editions):
Pablo Gracia

Opinion pieces and articles by other media published through www.afrol.com are solely the responsibility of their author's and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints or standards of afrol News, which accepts no liability.

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ISSN 1503-6103

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There are basically two ways of subscribing to afrol News; for reproduction and for your private reading.

1) I want to subscribe to reproduce afrol News content

For any kind of reproduction - be it a single article or an ample subscription - please see the page "Buy content" (follow this link). Here you will find all relevant information.

2) I want to subscribe for my private lecture

If you want to receive an e-mail each time afrol.com publishes an article of your interest, you can do that in two ways. Either go to the subscription page (follow this link), where you can ask for alerts in any manner you'd like (for example "all news" or "only Rwanda news"). The easiest way, however, without large forms, is to use the link below each and every article on afrol.com, which gives you the option of creating an e-mail alert (for example for "Rwanda news").

Please note that this totally free option only lets you create news alerts. An e-mail will be sent you immediately as an item of your interest has been published, including the title, introduction and link of the news article.

3) None of the above: I want to receive e-mails with the entire article without reproducing them

You should consider opting for the news alerts described above (2).

Receiving the entire news articles via e-mail as they are published is not a free service. Such a subscription costs 8 a month (minimum 4 months); 44 for six months; and 79 for one year, non-regarding the content (all afrol News or a subscription limited by countries or sections). You can order your subscription via mail@afrol.com and an invoice will be sent you.

Remember that forwarding of e-mails with complete news articles sent you is a copyright violation.  

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