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afrol News is an independent media headquartered in Norway and run according to Norwegian law and Norwegian press ethics

Responsible editor (English, French editions):
Rainer Chr Hennig

Responsible editor (Spanish, Portuguese editions):
Pablo Gracia

Opinion pieces and articles by other media published through www.afrol.com are solely the responsibility of their author's and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints or standards of afrol News, which accepts no liability.

Library reference:
ISSN 1503-6103

The media house Afrol

afrol News is edited and published by the Norway-headquartered media house afrol ANS in close cooperation with journalists in Africa and independent African media. The independent online media afrol News (afrol.com) was established in the year 2000 and has mainly focused on Africa-related publications in English and Spanish language. The media house afrol ANS is completely owned and run by the editors and journalists involved in its publications.

The Africa-related media afrol News seeks to be an independent and alternative voice, following and analysing events in Africa that are seldom highlighted by other mainstream media. It will not accept any pressure from governments, organisations or companies regarding its reporting, strictly following the Norwegian media's Ethics Code. Contrary to other media, afrol News also actively seeks to document the very many positive developments in Africa.

Our media's main revenues stem from both subscriptions and advertisement.

We offer advertisement space on the English and Spanish online editions of afrol News, tailoring campaigns for each and every advertiser. Further afrol media offering advertisement space include the pdf-magazine "Futuro Africano" and the Norwegian online daily "Kureren". Packages including several media platforms exist. Read more here.

afrol News is a major party of the AON (African Online News) news agency service offered by our media house. News copy from this service however also includes particular AON articles and content from other cooperating media. The AON news agency service can be purchased by any other media (with limited or full reproduction rights) and by organisations or government agencies (with or without reproduction rights). Also here, the product can be tailored. The AON product stands out as a reasonable priced and relatively exclusive product, not as often reprinted as news copy from larger agencies. Read more here.

For independent African media, afrol News is always ready to assess proposals of news exchange services as part of our long programme to promote press freedom and media development on the continent. Read more here.

Existing online since 2000, afrol News has already plaid an important role in informing Africans and non-Africans about important developments on the continent. Its analyses are widely quoted and reproduced by other media, organisations and research institutes. Policy-makers in and outside Africa, especially in development cooperation agencies, have traditionally been overrepresented among afrol News' readers and subscribers, boding for the quality and influence of our media.

afrol News pledges to stay on this successful course.

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